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So here, I am a guy from Roberval (100 km north from Montreal) but beware, I come from a small, very small, village near Quebec City. I studied mechanical engineering and biochemistry at the university. I worked in a pharmaceutical company before joining the Toronto public transit company. The work is interesting and the group I work with is fantastic. I take care of maintenance plans for fixed machinery and buildings.

I read that you were a freelancer in the field of tourism. But I'm curious, what exactly are you doing? Your photos have inspired me a guide specialist in hiking. Do you like the countryside? I like the countryside and I would like (in a far futur!) to have a secondary house, in the forest, at the bottom of a ski resort. 

You studied at university? In which domain?

I like the music of the 50s and 60s with Elvis Presley or the Stones but what I prefer is a more industrial rock. You may know the group "Tool"? What kind of music do you prefer?

When I was in high school, I liked group like "Vilain pingouin" and Jean Leloup. Attention, these following links are pure "Quebecois" of the 1990s!

I like the winter season. This year we received an astronomical amount of snow. The ski conditions are perfect. Do you like any winter sport?

I hope that you liked Jean Leloup and that you will tell me a little more about you.

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